FIFA World Cup 2018 started on 14 June 2018 with sizzling Opening Ceremony. First Day included only 1 game, Russia Vs Saudi Arabia where Russia won by 5-0 a massive victory in FIFA’s opening history, no other team has done this before at opening match.

Host Russia was in great touch, they maintained their pressure on the opposition and also kept trying harder and harder to give Saudi Arabia a very tough time. The second Day included 3 important games. Iran Vs Morrocco where Iran won by mistake 1-0, Uruguay won against Egypt 1-0, however, the match between Portugal and Spain was the most watchable match as both teams conveyed equally in filed, Spain were on upper hand with ball-possession of almost 66% but Cristiano Ronaldo did a magic hat-trick to lead his team

Day1 & Day2 All Goals


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