Can Argentina Go into the Knock stage, this is the most burning question for all Argentina’s fans. Don’t worry about it we have an “If statement” for your guys. Despite the fact that Argentina is in a big danger, however, chances of survival for being in the tournament are now clear for Argentina because Nigeria did the magic and stunned Ice Land’s fans with their scintillating victory.

Iceland lost very important match today and both Iceland and Argentia stands at 3rd and 4th positions respectively. There is a do and die situation now for all teams. Argentina must win against Nigeria with at least 2 goals leads. For more clarification see the chart.

Can Argentina Go into the Knock stage? - If statement
Can Argentina Go into the Knock stage? – If statement

Mathematical Equation for Argentina: If statement

Condition one,

If Nigeria loses a match against  Argentina then

Argentina Score would be =4

Nigeria  = 3

whereas if Iceland wins

Iceland Score= 4

Here the number of goals scored against and by would be included

If both teams “Argentina and Iceland” wins by one goal each then Iceland would be given a preference here therefore to maintain position Argentina must win by 2 Goals difference here.(at least)

If Iceland loses and Argentina wins the match definitely Argentina will enter into the knockout stage.

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